South West Structure

Saints Southwest are proud to identify and offer children who demonstrate talent on the pitch an opportunity to develop their potential into excellence. Saints Southwest staff ​have an ongoing recruitment process, whereby no matter what type of session is being delivered, we seek to identify children with talent and signpost them to a suitable training environment. With a proven track record of not just developing excellent football players, but excellent people off the pitch.


Saints Southwest will play an attractive brand of football, consistent through all the age groups and offer a culture which has education at the forefront whilst maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty amongst the people who serve within it. Our players are at the centre of everything we do –  our focus is to help them reach their full potential. The staff are highly committed and professional in their approach to identifying talent.

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Saints Southwest Community and Education Programmes – School Curricular and Extracurricular support, Community Projects, Birthday Parties, Club Team Training Programmes, Fundraising and Community Events.  


Saints Southwest Opportunity – Weekly Sessions, Holiday Soccer Schools, Residential Camps, Match Day Experience Trips, Birthday Parties, 1 to 1 coaching sessions, 2 Year Post 16 Football & Coaching Academy, Post 16 Coaching Apprenticeship Scheme.  


Saints Southwest Invitation Only – Localised Development Centre​, Regional Development Centre and Regional Squad

Localised Development Centres (6 – 14 year olds) – INVITE ONLY:

There are currently 6 Development Centres in the South West based in Plymouth, Exeter, Torbay, East Devon, Taunton & Teignbridge. Within each Development centre a technical syllabus has been produced, along with coaching session planners for coaches to log all sessions that these young players are involved in. These sessions are based around individual needs of the players and demand of the game, ensuring all areas we regard as important – technical, physical, social and psychological are focused on.


Players are recommended into Development Centres via our local scouting network; who have observed them playing in weekly sessions, holiday courses, school programmes, or in local school and grassroots football competitions. Once players have been invited into their local centre, they are assessed at the end of every term via a player report form completed by their coach. This highlights areas they have done well , and areas in which they need to develop. The players are made to feel welcome and are coached in a positive learning environment, which is designed to create both good footballers, and fine young people. Regular festivals also take place, allowing players the opportunity to transfer their new skills into a match environment.


Interested in arranging a fixture vs one of our Development Centres? Interested in trailling for one of our Development Centres? Please contact us on 0330 223 4932 or email

Regional Development Squads (u7s – u10s) – INVITE ONLY:

Within our Regional Development Squads; players are recruited from Localised Saints Southwest Development Centres, who have shown good technical ability and tactical understanding. The clear ethos within the squads is to focus on training, academy preparation and development while creating a culture that is competitive, innovative, educational and enjoyable. The Regional Development Squads have it’s own unique age specific training programme which will run parallel to the academic calendar.


The main progression for all RDS players is to be recognised and ready for an academy trial. From u10 the progression leads straight into the u11 Regional Squad; which has a 4 hour training model alongside a national fixture programme. Players will be monitored weekly by their designated coach and centre lead coach to ensure they maintain the desired level of performance. Players will also be tested and filmed to aid their development, as well as receiving a termly report and player/parent review.


Interested in arranging a fixture vs one of our Regional Development Squad Age Groups? Interested in trialling for our Regional Development Squads? Please contact us on 0330 223 4932 or email

Regional Squads (u11s – u18s) – INVITE ONLY:

Regional Squad players are selected individuals from across the county who train as a team to compete in fixtures within the Junior Premier League along with other privately organised fixtures, which include professional academy teams. Teams train once a week and follow an advanced structured syllabus with an emphasis on technical, tactical, psychological, social and physical development. All players have access to Futsal training at least every 5 weeks, while also receiving specialist Goalkeeper and Strength & Conditioning coaching. Matches in the Junior Premier League are usually played on a Saturday morning. Players development is continually monitored by fully FA qualified and licensed and is nationally affiliated by The FA.


Full details regarding the league are provided at Regional Squads run from u11s up to u18s, involvement in them does NOT detract players from their local club football they are already involved in. They will be able to maintain their training and matches with their club team.


All children wishing to secure a place with one of our Regional Squads must undergo a free trial period. During this period the manager and coach for the specific age group will update you on their progress and answer any questions you may have. At the end of the trial period the manager and coach will have a formal discussion with the parent/guardian and child. You will either be offered a full place within the squad, a training squad place (train with the team but not guaranteed to play matches unless selected) or if unsuccessful in gaining a place within the Regional Squad, your child will be sign posted to the nearest Development Training Centre where they will be continually monitored.


Interested in arranging a fixture vs one of our Regional Squads? Interested in trialling for one of our Regional Squads? Please contact us on 0330 223 4932 or email


“Being part of the Regional Squad is one of the best things my son has ever done. He’s improved beyond recognition as a player and he’s grown as a person too. I am regularly in awe, of his latest new skills and understanding of the game or just the sight of his team in full attacking flow. Kick arounds in the garden are getting tougher though. I try, and I’ve learned the odd new trick by watching his training sessions, but mostly I’m just not good enough for him anymore.


The Regional Squad set up promised alot. It has delivered so much more.  From the very beginning and the first induction session the professionalism and attention to detail has been faultless. The bar was set high – for the boys and their parents alike – and it keeps getting raised higher.


The coaches are second to none. Brilliant communicators and motivators , they have the absolute trust of their players and of their players’ parents.  They’re calm and authoritative and they encourage the boys to take responsibility at all times. “Shoot! Hoof it!” Get back!” Kick it.. No kick him!” are not instructions you hear from our coaches. They speak and encourage in fully-formed sentences. They use white boards too. And it all works.  Their enthusiasm and commitment is infectious and they are also the kind of role models  that you read so much about young boys, and young men, needing and responding to.


Weekly training sessions are intense and focused but always great fun too. Those sessions and the matches each weekend are the highlight of my son’s week. And they’ve become the highlight of my week too, whether or not I’m at the session or the game.”

Carl Clifton, Parent