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Financial Support

Why do Saints Southwest offer financial support?

As a nonprofit Community Interest Company, we believe in giving back to the communities we all live in, to ensure everyone can access our coaching and education provisions.

What is the Saints Southwest financial support programme?

A programme put in place to ensure young people can access Saints Southwest's sessions, programmes, events and activites without finance being a barrier.

Who can qualify for the Saints Southwest financial support programme?

The programme is open to those who have found themselves in financial hardship.

What is the financial support programme application process?

1. Complete the online financial support application 2. Submit the application form, adding as much information as possible to support your application. 3. Wait for feedback. The team will review the application and reach out via the email provided in the form with feedback and outcome of the application. *Please note, we recommend that you upload proof of your financial position e.g. P60, P45, self assessment, payslips, bank statements.

How long does the application decision take?

Completing the application online, will mean it will reach us as soon as it has been submitted. Our administration team will then review your application, and aim to get a decision back to you with 5-10 working days.

If successful, what will I be entitled to?

Every application will be treated on a case by case basis. This means we can support you in the fairest way. We offer, percentage discounts on session fees, full scholarship, book now-pay later, holiday course scholarships and kit/equipment help.