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To be the leading Football Development organisation in the South West. Renowned for strong and fruitful relationships with all local communities.

To develop teams and players who are calm, composed and creative in possession while maintaining high levels of concentration, along with being disciplined out of possession. To build solid foundations in being able to support, adapt and reflect in order to improve and help others.

To be able to provide opportunities for all players to learn and develop, maximising their potential on and off the pitch. Ensuring players are constantly being challenged and given adequate opportunities within their boundaries.

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All young aspiring girls are invited into the Girls Only Development Centre via our coaches who have observed them playing in weekly sessions, holiday courses, school programmes, or in the local school and grassroots football competitions.

Once the girls have been invited into the centre they are then assessed at the end of every term via an online player assessment tool completed by their coach. This highlights their strengths and areas they may need to develop.


At the end of every term, the girls will play end in various types of matches,  festivals and tournaments.  These games allow players to transfer their new skills into real game situations. 

*Girls can also attend any type of Localised Development Centre.

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Saints Southwest are proud to identify and offer children who demonstrate the talent on the pitch an opportunity to develop their potential.

Saints Southwest staff have an ongoing recruitment process, whereby no matter what type of session is being delivered, we seek to identify children with talent and signpost them to a suitable training environment.

With a proven track record of not just developing excellent football players, but excellent people off the pitch. Saints Southwest will play an attractive brand of football, consistent through all the age groups and offer a culture which has education at the forefront whilst maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty amongst the people who serve within it.

Our players are at the centre of everything we do – our focus is to help them reach their full potential. The staff are highly committed and professional in their approach to identifying and developing talent.

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Development Centres are the first step in the Saints Southwest Football Development pathway, natural progression leads into Saints Southwest Regional Squads.

Each Development Centre follows a structured technical syllabus which sits within Saints Southwest’s official Football & Player Development curriculum.

Saints Southwest coaches design and log sessions that are based on the individual needs of the players. Goalkeepers have access to position-specific training (depending on availability at the invited centre).

Regular training days, fixtures and festivals take place, allowing players the opportunity to transfer their skills into a match environment.

Players' progress is monitored via termly written reports and end of season reviews.

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Saints Southwest has recognised the isolation Goalkeepers receive within their training sessions, with low to no specific Goalkeeping training.

Saints Southwest has spent a large period of time developing a specific training schedule for aspiring Goalkeepers.

Within our Goalkeeping Development Programme, we work along a structured 12 month training syllabus. This will allow Goalkeepers to work on all technical and tactical aspects of the position as well as looking into all the finer details, such as communication with other teammates and the importance behind it.

Here at Saints Southwest, we pride ourselves on developing a great understanding of the position for both Goalkeepers, and their coaches.

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Squads train twice a week and follow an advanced, structured syllabus with an emphasis on technical, tactical, psychological, social and physical development.

All players have access to Futsal training at least every 5 weeks, while also receiving specialist Goalkeeper and Strength & Conditioning coaching.

Matches in the Junior Premier League are usually played on a Saturday morning. Players' development is continually monitored by fully FA qualified and licensed and is nationally affiliated by The FA.

Involvement in the Youth Phase Regional Programme does NOT detract players from their local club football they are already involved in. They will be able to maintain their training and matches with their club team.


Saints Southwest understand that running a grassroots club and teams comes with its challenges. We are proud to be able to support any club or team across the South West offering our expert advice and knowledge.

Following an initial consultation with a club official, we will design a bespoke programme, manufactured to support the clubs' aims & objectives of the 'Club Team Training Programme'.

Here are a few examples:

  • Coaching support

  • Coach mentoring

  • Establishing the clubs' philosophy

  • Establishing the clubs' football development strategy

  • Player, coach, volunteer recruitment

  • Developing community and fundraising work

  • Establishing a player and coach pathway

  • Marketing and PR support

  • Festival & Tournament organisation

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The clear ethos within the Foundation Phase is to focus on training, academy preparation and development while creating a culture that is competitive, innovative, educational and enjoyable.

Depending on the age, teams train once or twice a week and follow an age-specific training programme, with an emphasis on technical, tactical, psychological, social and physical development.

All players have access to Futsal, match analysis, Strength & Conditioning, an online home learning platform and various educational workshops as part of the programme. Parents are also heavily engaged with and informed with Saints Southwest methodologies to support their child's development.

The match’ programme is seen as an extension of the training programme. The majority of fixtures are privately organised, with various opponents played throughout the season (categorised); Youth Academies, Development clubs/centres and local grassroots clubs. At U11s teams are entered into the Junior Premier League, while all teams are entered into various tournaments during the year.

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