Saints Southwest are proud to identify and offer children who demonstrate talent on the pitch an opportunity to develop their 'Potential into Excellence'. Saints Southwest staff ​have an ongoing recruitment process, whereby no matter what type of session is being delivered, we seek to identify children with talent and signpost them to a suitable training environment. With a proven track record of not just developing excellent football players, but excellent people off the pitch.


Saints Southwest will play an attractive brand of football, consistent through all the age groups and offer a culture which has education at the forefront whilst maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty amongst the people who serve within it. Our players are at the centre of everything we do –  our focus is to help them reach their full potential. The staff are highly committed and professional in their approach to identifying talent

Saints Southwest have an 'Open Door Policy' whereby children can apply to be a part of our Click Here to request a trial

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Saints Southwest work with thousands of children each week in various Education, Community and Football Development programmes, along with attending a number of tournaments and events each season.

Our large coaching team recruit players into our Football Development programme who display the key attributes we look for at Saints Southwest.

You can also request an open trial or visit from a Saints Southwest coach.

We understand that players come in all different varieties with a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. We take into account a player’s technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social attributes, as well as looking at relative age effect and maturation rates. Character is also a very big facet.

We also review our current player cohort in the Football Development programme to assess whether a target player has the potential to integrate into the group

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How do I get a job with Donatech?

The first step is to submit your resume to along with details like pay rate expectations, geographic preferences, and other pertinent information. Once completed, you will be added into our talent pool and should your skills and experience match one of our open positions, a recruiter will reach out to you. We encourage you to keep your profile and resume up-to-date to ensure the most accurate matching and best chance for selection.

What is the cost of Donatech's services to job seekers?

There is no cost to job seekers. We are paid by the companies where our employees are placed.

What benefits do you offer?

Working for Donatech gives you access to comprehensive health benefits that include medical and dental insurance. Other employee benefits include 401(k), Long Term Disability, and Direct Payroll Deposit. Specific assignments may include paid time off and flexible work schedule.

Does Donatech offer per diem?

It is dependent upon the policies of our clients and if you qualify per IRS definitions. If those criteria are met, then yes we do.

How long do assignments last?

The length of an assignment varies according to our client’s needs — ranging from a few months to a few years. We work to place you in a role that fits your short-term or long-term needs. While assignments are subject to our client’s needs, it is important that you communicate your needs as well with your recruiter.

How and when am I paid?

Contract employees are paid weekly by Donatech. You will receive your direct deposit every Friday.

Do you hire contract employees on a corp-to-corp basis? Do you hire independent contractors?

Donatech hires its employees on a W-2 basis. Donatech withholds taxes from our contract employees and earnings are reported to the IRS each year. Donatech employees must complete a W-4 form at the beginning of their employment. To hire contract employees on a 1099 basis or by way of corp-to-corp arrangements, Donatech typically needs special permission from its clients.

Does Donatech hire permanent resident aliens? Green card holders? Those with valid work visas?

Most Donatech positions are open to any individual eligible to work in the United States. This includes those with valid Employment Authorization Documents, those with valid United States Permanent Resident Cards (also known as Green Cards), and others eligible to work in the United States as described on Department of Homeland Security document I-9.

Would Donatech be willing to transfer H1?

Donatech only hires individuals currently eligible to work in the United States. For information on employment eligibility in the United States, please visit the U.S. Immigration Services website.

How do I refer a friend?

Do you know someone currently looking for a job? As a supplier of technical employees, we are always searching for talented candidates. Please reach out to your local office or recruiter directly to refer a friend.




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