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Saints Southwest Devon Under-10s vs Saints Southwest Somerset Under-10s

Saints Southwest Devon Under-10s entertained their counterparts from Somerset in a high-scoring game at Teignmouth on Saturday.

Theo P helped himself to a hat-trick for the hosts, with Archie S and Lucas H adding two each. Santiago C and Caiden E also got themselves on the scoresheet.

Devon Under-10s head coach Ryan Bush said: “It was a very even first half that was well contested, with both teams creating some nice chances. Somerset scored a screamer for the opening goal.

“Devon took control of the game after a handball by a Somerset player gave Devon a penalty kick.

“In the second half Somerset seemed to run out of steam, and a couple of Devon players put in a few minutes to help Somerset when injuries and knocks occurred.

“Devon finished the game playing some excellent stuff. The floodgates opened during the final quarter and it was a great exercise for both teams.”

Niall Carr, who took charge of the Somerset Under-10s on Saturday, explained: “In the first quarter Saints Somerset found it difficult to get out as Devon pressed very well.

“The Somerset press was also very good, winning the ball high up the pitch, and there was a great goal from Kairo into the top corner.

“In the second quarter Saints Somerset were really brave defensively, throwing themselves in front of the ball to block shots.

“Molly was excellent both on and off the ball, very energetic and positive every time she received the ball.

“After half-time there was too much dribbling at times in the wrong areas, which led to opposition scoring.

“But they were much braver on the ball at times and made some really good forward passes, with Jesse making some great saves in goal, too.

“Somerset unfortunately ran out of steam in the final quarter, only having seven players, but the players dug in despite conceding a few goals.”

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