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Rep Squad players 'do Saints Southwest proud' in Wolverhampton

A group of young footballers ‘did Saints Southwest proud’ last weekend when they made a trip up the M5 to face teams from Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Academy.

The Representative or ‘Rep’ Squad, made up of Under-7s, 8s and 9s, travelled to Wolves’ training ground at Compton Park where they played their Black Country counterparts – impressing their coaches in the process.

“It was a brilliant experience and day out at Wolves for the Rep games,” said coach Drew Mockridge. “Every single player represented and did Saints Southwest proud.

“I took the Under-8/9s and we played three Wolves sides. All three were good, challenging games. We won the first handsomely before narrowly losing the second and third.

“We played some great football, worked on the objectives of winning your battles on the pitch, pressing high, playing out from the back and playing an attractive style of football."

Saints Southwest’s Rep Squad fixtures run separately to the Academy schedule. Academy coaches from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset are asked to put players’ names forward for these games, which will see them pitted against more top talent from some of the country’s biggest football clubs.

George Groody, another coach who made the trip up on Saturday, explained: “I took the Under-7/8s and we played two Wolves sides.

“The football was very competitive in both and we won both games we played, playing some great football along the way. All the players loved it – overall a great day.”

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