The Healthy ‘Goals’ Programme is a 6-12 week programme which gives primary school children an educated and increased understanding of leading a healthy lifestyle. In provides an opportunity for young people to learn about making better choices surrounding eating, keeping active and being mindful. This is a great programme to maximise PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Education) within the National Curriculum.

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Each school will have its own designated Saints Southwest coach who has been trained to deliver the programme to into the school over a 6-12 period, working with 1 or multiple classes. Each class will work together in the classroom and in the schools' hall or field to achieve their Healthy 'Goals' Programme certificate, by completing classroom-based activities, work booklets and physical education classed. The programme has been designed to get children thinking and asking questions about leading a healthy lifestyle. Each lesson brings new interactive challenges, allowing children to have input, help others and explore. 

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