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We are pleased to be able to offer all children the chance to celebrate their special day with Saints Southwest.


Our Birthday Parties are tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the host. Southampton Football Club is one of the biggest clubs in the UK with many recognisable players. Children see them on the TV each week, mimic their passes and goals in the playground and are inspired to play more sport. A connection between what they see on the TV and the physical coaching experience often increases the engagement and participation levels with the programmes.


Regardless of what team the children support, Saints Southwest’s aim is that every child has a positive, fun experience where they are rewarded for their own achievements.


Our Birthday parties are a great way for ALL children to take part and have a go in a safe and fun environment.

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Who are the Saints Southwest Birthday Parties for?

Our Birthday Parties are for all chidlren aged 2-14 years old. All parties are catered for all abilities too.

Who delivers the Birthday Parties?

All parties are delivered by official Saints Southwest coaches who are FA/UEFA qualified, licensed, hold a First Aid Certificate and have been enhanced DBS/CRC checked. All staff regularly attend FA, Saints Southwest and Southampton FC (CPD) Continued Professional Development.

Where do the parties take place?

We come to you or you can come to us... Saints Southwest birthday parties can be based and delivered literally anywhere in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. If it is a facility where Saints Southwest does not currently operate from, we will complete a full risk assessment to ensure it is fully safe and fit for purpose. Saints Southwest have access to many facilities across the South West, which we will able to book and organise to make your life easier...

Do you offer just Football Birthday Parties?

Saints Southwest understand that all children have different interests, hobbies and enjoy doing different activities. Which is why we are able to host and facilitate various types of party...! from Football, Multi-sports, Multi-skills, or fun games. We have qualified staff to deliver.

How much does a Saints Southwest Birthday Party cost?

Our Birthday parties are tailor made to your requests. The first initial cost is for the duration of the party; 1 hour | £60.00 1.5 hours | £75.00 2 hours | £100.00 Facility Cost You can either book your own facility, or we can do this on your behalf. Price varies based on venue etc. Attendees 16 attendees are included in the initial fee. Additional children can attend at £4.00 per person. Add Ons - Football | £12.00 - Saints Southwest Football Kit | £35.00 - 1 Day Soccer School | £15.00 - 2 tickets to watch Southampton FC at St. Mary's Stadium (with or without travel) | £TBC - Birthday Cake | £12.00 - Party bags | £2.00 (per child) - Saints Southwest invitations | £5.00 - Drawstring bag | £4.00 - Drinks Bottle | £3.50 - Wristband | £1.00

How many children can attend?

16 attendees are included in the initial fee. Additional children can attend at £4.00 per person. Please note; additional children may increase our coach to child ratio, which may result in having to deloy an extra coach. This will add an additional cost.

How to book a Birthday Party?

You can book and provisonal date and submit your ideal timing via the 'Additional Services' page or via the Birthday Party page. We will aim to get back to you within 2 working days. You can also contact us via out online chat or give us a quick phone call. We will be happy to help.

Can I choose a Saints Southwest Coach?

Yes, of course you can. It's a great pleasure to be able to deliver birthday parties we are fortunate to work with. Please note; coach requests depend on availablity on the coach. You can request a Saints Southwest coach via the booking system too.

Do you provide food?

This isn't something Saints Southwest can priovide at the moment. Usually parents/guardians organise their own birthday party catering. We are able to hire additional space so the chidren can enjoy some party food! Feel free to conatct us and we can offer some advice and tips if needed. Please note; Saints Southwest can provide a party bag for each attendee, giving you one less thing to think about!